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Dr. Vipan Bhatia

Dr. Bhatia is a highly experienced consultant in Urology and Andrology with almost thirty years’ practice in the field. He performs all types of major and minor, emergency and elective urological surgery procedures. He has a special aptitude for Endourology and extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy and has extensive and diverse experience with minimally invasive management of urolithiasis He established the first ESWL and Endourology Centre in South East Asia in New Delhi, India in 1987 where he treated more than 12,000 urinary calculus patients and supervised about 20,000 ESWL treatment sessions. Other areas of special interest and experience include non-surgical management of prostate disorders, male infertility and erectile dysfunction and more than 20 years’ experience with medical management of BPH, prostate stents, balloon dilatation and hyperthermia of the prostate and recently with the contact and non-contact holmium laser prostatectomy.