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Dr. Piotr Kolczewski

Piotr Kolczewski M.D Ph.D. was the head of Operative Gynecology Ward od 109 Military Hospital i Stettin Poland in the years 2010-2013. Currently His the consultant in the teaching Hospital Of the Pomeranian Medical University in Stettin. From over 20 years He has been involved in operative activity encompassing urogynecology, plastic gynecology and oncologic gynecology. Dr Piotr Kolczewski is the member of scientific organizations mentioned above. In the year 2017 he has elected as the V- president of the Polish Society of Plastic Gynecology. During many workshops he trained many doctors in the field of uro- and plastic gynecology. His experience has been confirmed not only by thousand of performed operations but also his participation as a speaker in many congresses, hand on training all over the world.